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RMB EV founder Jeff Schneider

Jeff Schneider, Founder, RMB EV

Meet Jeff. Jeff Schneider to be specific. Jeff loves scooters; he’s passionate about scooters; he’s got tons of experience working on electric scooters; and he is here to help with your RMB electric scooter.

Jeff first started working on electric scooters in 2002 when he started selling electric scooters for a company that popularized modern day electric scooters. Jeff had a great deal of experience in sales and service of automobiles, which helped him to quickly gain a great deal of knowledge and expertise in electric scooters.

Realizing he could build a better electric scooter on his own, Jeff took all that knowledge and in 2011 started producing the FLEX500, the MASTIFF, and later what we believe is the best electric scooter on the market, the RMB MULTI-POINT. You can feel the quality craftsmanship that Jeff puts into his electric scooter designs. He listens to customers and tries to incorporate the latest features and technological innovations. Contact Jeff today about finding an electric scooter that’s right for you.  LEARN MORE