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Senior from Maryland scoots around his neighborhood on an RMBEV MULTI-POINT Electric Scooter

Perfect for quiet neighborhood transport.

When people see these cute, little, folding electric scooters, the first thing they ask is: “Looks like fun! But will it carry someone big like me?”

Consider this: our customer Gene from Maryland is 400 pounds, 6 feet 5 inches and uses his RMB MULTI-POINT Electric Scooter for transportation all over town. Gene is retired, but remains active with the help of his scooter. He uses it mainly for transportation around his neighborhood.  But when he wants to take it somewhere else, the RMB scooter folds easily into the back of his Honda CRV (see photo).

Folding Scooter fits into the back of a Honda CRV - RMBEV MULTI-POINT Electric Scooter

RMB MULTI-POINT Folds into a Honda CRV

The scooter weighs 100 pounds, but Gene doesn’t need to be superman, or install an expensive lift on his CRV. The heaviest part of the scooter, the battery pack, is removable so Gene can detach and lift it separately from the scooter. Voila!

Gene, thanks for supporting RMBEV and sending these great photos. Sorry for the bad pun about being a Big Shot, but we can tell you’re a take-charge kind of guy, which is the best kind of customer in our book. Happy trails!

Gene from Maryland - Livin' Large on his RMB EV

RMBEV makes scooters for Big & Tall (6’5″, 400 lbs.)