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Green Carpet Event - Santa Rosa, California June 10, 2015

Two Celebrity “Green Carpet Events” Wednesday June 10th, 2015 in Santa Rosa CA

  • Hollywood/Producer/Director Scott duPont of Award Winning Documentary “What is the Electric Car?” back in Santa Rosa, CA
  • New book release “What is the Electric Car? 79 Reasons to Drive Electric”
  • Free Screening of “What is The Electric Car?” with cast member & co author Ginny Scales-Medeiros
  • See the RMB Multi-Point Electric Scooter in Person


  • 12:00 -1:30 pm Lunch and Informative presentation by Scott duPont
    • Q&A featuring Scott duPont & Ginny Scales Medeiros. New 100%Electric cars & Scooters on display.
    • Location:The Flamingo Hotel, 2777 4th Street in Santa Rosa.
    • Hosted by “The Rotary Club of Santa Rosa
    • Price $22 RSVP Mark Burchill email: President1415@SantaRosaRotary.com
  • 6:30pm -7:40pm Showtime: Film “What is The Electric Car?” Q&A to follow with Producer Scott duPont & cast member Ginny Scales-Medeiros.
    • Location: 3rd Street Movie Cinema, 620 Third Street, Santa Rosa CA 95404
  • Price: FREE! for screening (1st come first serve)

Author/Activist Ginny Scales-Medeiros

* What is the Electric Car?” book release will also be a chance to see a display of some of the 2015 electric vehicles now on the road, as well as some of the new “plug-in” hybrids all car manufacturers starting to offer. The event is open to the public (22$ includes the cost of lunch and parking). The special electric car display at the entrance of the hotel will feature cars & scooters provided by the authors and local Santa Rosa car dealerships. For more info on this event, visit www.santarosarotary.com. The Author, Scott duPont will speak about this new industry and answer questions. Local Santa Rosa resident and contributing author Ginny Scales-Medieros will also speak about her experience of driving electric cars the past 7 years.

See the RMB Multi-Point Electric Scooter in person.  We loaned a pair to the organizers of the “Green Carpet” event in Santa Rosa, so when you attend the event ask to see an RMB Multi-Point electric scooter.

ginny medeiros author activist for EVs

Ginny Medeiros in her first EV, a Xebra electric truck.

Scales-Medeiros and duPont initially crossed paths in Detroit, Michigan almost 5 years ago when duPont and his film crew were at the International Auto Show shooting interviews for his film “What is the Electric Car?”. The producers interviewed Ginny in Detroit and she made the final cut of the movie. That chance encounter in a Detroit hotel elevator was documented in Ginny’s novel. Nemours Marketing, Inc.has signed a contract to take over the publishing of Ginny Scales-Medeiros’s novel “What is Normal?”. Scott duPont (President of Nemours & Publisher) was eager to partner with Ginny and move forward motivated, by the lucrative potential of a movie deal for the adapted screenplay, “WIN” already written by Pamala L. Hall, and based on Ginny’s novel, “What Is Normal?” www.whatisnormal.tvwww.ginnyscalesmedeiros.com

Ginny Scales Medeiros
Scott Dupont's book

New Book: “What is the Electric Car? 79 REASONS to Drive Electric” by Scott Dupont