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Part Scooter, Part Truck, Part Taxi, RMB Maxi Truck EV Electric Vehicle

RMB Maxi Truck & Rickshaw Configurations

Utility and Mobility

Look it’s a scooter; it’s a truck, it’s both!  Introducing the RMB Maxi Truck, a must-have for any business that moves product around the premises or neighborhoods.

Light and agile, this unit is not only powered by batteries, but can easily be pedaled as well. Whether you feel like exercising or run out of charge, you will never be left stranded in an RMB maxi truck. It’s the original hybrid vehicle, human-electric power! A great alternative for small food vendors, and has an optional rickshaw configuration.

Contact us today to learn more about this innovative work vehicle.  DEALER SALES ONLY!

Electric Work Truck 3-wheeler - RMB Maxi Truck Electric Vehicle EV

Great for warehousing.