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iPhone electric scooter charger with USB included

RMB’s Multi-Point Electric Scooter can charge mobile electronics like the iPhone.

What could be more epic than recharging your iPhone with your electric scooter?  The RMB Multi-Point electric scooter / trike includes a USB port as standard equipment.  When you’re riding around town and jamming on your power hungry smart phone, iPhone, iPhone 5, iPhone, 6, Android, Samsung, Blackberry, Ntelos, LG — you name it.  The USB outlet is rated at 1.2 amps.  “I can’t believe no one has ever thought of adding something like this to an electric scooter,” said Jeff Schneider, owner of RMBEV.  “Everybody loves having it.”  Combine this with the Inverter Kit turns you and your scooter into a power broker.