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Inverter Kit for RMB Multi-Point Scooter

Kit lets you run power tools off your electric scooter.

Here’e a breakthrough idea! Take an electric battery-powered scooter, add an AC inverter and adapter, and use it to charge all your personal power tools and electronics.

Sound too good to be true? This is happening right now at RMB Electric Vehicles! RMB has a new inverter Kit that lets you turn the Multi-Point Electric Scooter into your own personal power station, providing up to 120 volts of AC power.  Also includes international adapters for use nearly anywhere.

The inverter fits conveniently under the seat.  Use it to charge your laptop, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or other personal electronic device.  Plug in an extension cord and run it to your workshop for powering a sander, drill, trimmer, or other power tool.  Also great for when the power goes out because you can power the lights!

Now, can an electric scooter power your entire home?  We’ll have to get back to you on that, but the RMB Inverter Kit is a great start!  Buy one today!

Multi-Point 3-wheel electric scooter from RMB EV

The RMB Inverter Kit installs easily under the seat of your Multi-Point electric scooter