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battery swap stations - battery exchange network for electric motor scooters

A Feb. 8 article in USA Today talks about a new venture between a motor scooter company and a battery company to install a network of swappable battery stations.

The premise is that gas motor scooters are horribly polluting, so switching to electrics would reverse this. To help pave the way, scooter maker Gogoro plans “to launch a battery-swapping network that will allow users to roll up, grab a new battery (installation takes just six seconds), and deposit their old one, which then gets charged for the next person.” Gogoro is partnering with Panasonic to get the job done, and its design involves a twin-battery system that provides enough power for 62 miles of travel and a top speed of 60 mph.

While the idea sounds nice, scooters like our RMB Multi-Point already have the ability to purchase additional batteries and have them standing by fully charged.  Swapping the pair of batteries takes about 30 seconds.  So, we ask, are swappable battery networks really a key to wider EV acceptance? READ MORE