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RMB Multi-Flex electric scooter can tow 350 lb. loads with option Multi-Tote Trailer

Multi-Flex Electric Scooter with optional Multi-Tote Trailer

You may want to re-think all your basic towing needs, particularly after you see this electric scooter in action. Afterall, where else can you find a 100 lb. scooter rated to tow 350 lbs? The RMB Multi-Point electric scooter is small enough to fold into your car, truck or RV, but also powerful enough to tow heavy loads, max capacity 350 lbs., with our convenient tow accessory. Smart design makes it extra-sturdy, yet fits through narrow passageways. Towing bed dimensions are 32″L x 19.25″ W x 6.5″ H.  Length of the tow hitch is 44″ with 2.8/2.5 sized tires. This makes it a great fit for a MULTI-tude of uses! Shopping, warehousing, picnics, camping, you name it!

RMB Multi-Tote Trailer

RMB Multi-Tote Trailer

RMB electric scooter trailer - Multi-Tote