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RMB Multi-Point Electric Scooter

Works great at the Ritz!

Next time you are having a conference at a hotel, bring the RMB Multi-Point. Why? Electric motors have no exhaust and don’t create any pollution indoors. Plus, the scooters work great in carpeted lobbies, hallways and elevators. Everyone loves them: valets, concierge, housekeepers and mostly the guests, who after all are looking for fun during their travels. For example, we couldn’t get Florian, the European executive that we were meeting with, off the scooter as he whizzed back and forth holding meetings.

We’re looking to get more RMBs out to rental agencies and specifically auto rental agencies and dealerships. Most of these places could easily rent RMBs out to customers and they work really well for employees who have to run back and forth moving cars around large parking lots and between facilities.

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Once someone gets on an RMB, you can’t get them off, and this is where you have to watch out.  Everyone loves these, except for maybe the janitor. Florian was having such a good time, we were hesitant in stopping him.  But you should warn riders that these scooters are powerful and if you’re not careful you can leave a long burnout on most carpets.  Let’s hope that no one saw Florian burn up the hotel rugs at the last meeting. Ouch!

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