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FULTON, California  — Electric scooter maker RMB Electric Vehicles has launched a website for its innovative line of fuel efficient transportation.  The new site provides a faster, more efficient platform allowing customers to access more information and online ordering for its MULTI-POINT Electric Scooter.

RMB EV was founded in 2011 by Jeff Schneider, who has more than 20 years experience in the designing, manufacturing and marketing electric vehicles. In addition to extensive experience with electric scooters, Schneider has also worked with electric cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Schneider’s first electric scooter was the FLEX 500, but he has been experimenting with several different designs to offer customers greater selection, including the more powerful MASTIFF and MAXI TRUCK, as well as smaller designs like the folding CRUZER 2-wheeler. Recently RMB introduced an improved model with several improvements in quality and functionality called the MULTI-POINT.

Multi-Point 3-wheel electric scooter from RMB EV“After selling electric scooters and other vehicles for 20 years, I wanted to avoid the mistakes that many companies make by offering a cheaper design while sacrificing quality,” said Schneider.  “With RMB we want to offer a premium service and have taken special care with the MULTI-POINT to select quality components, innovative features and surprising details that will delight and fascinate scooter enthusiasts, and I invite customers to give our latest RMB a try.”

Designed to be “One scooter fits all” the MULTI-POINT integrates all the best features into one scooter for added versatility, mobility, convenience and fun. It uses a 500 watt wheel motor with 48 volt power supply, comes with many features like a USB port, two-speeds, folding handlebars, tow hitch, easy swap battery, baskets and more.  There’s even an optional trailer to turn the MULTI-POINT into a commercial workhorse.

Schneider asked for customers to visit the new site and email him with ideas and feedback.  He wants the site to help him connect with more customers throughout the United States while offering a secure online ordering platform and shopping cart to conduct more international sales, particularly in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

For more information or to order, visit http://www.rmbev.com or call 707-568-3388.