Protean performance


Engineering with thought!  The New Patent Pending RMB Proteán scooter is a travelers dream!  EZ folding system allows riders to quickly and easily fold and store in your vehicle, RV, or home.

Find out how to own the New Protean


Test Drive the New e-Quad


Leave the car in the garage

The RMB e-Quad work horse was designed for easy mobility and fun!  Low floor deck allows for easy access and wide seat will fit two medium size adults or one large adult up to 450 lbs!  Make no assumptions about the e-Quad, it is fast and powerful. Heavy duty suspension with gas strut dampers. 

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How RMB EV got started


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RMB EV founder Jeff Schneider

Jeff Schneider, Founder, RMB EV

Meet Jeff. Jeff Schneider to be specific. Jeff loves scooters; he’s passionate about scooters; he’s got tons of experience working on electric scooters; and he is here to help with your RMB electric scooter.

Jeff first started working on electric scooters in 2002 when he started selling electric scooters for a company that popularized modern day electric scooters. Jeff had a great deal of experience in sales and service of automobiles, which helped him to quickly gain a great deal of knowledge and expertise in electric scooters.

Realizing he could build a better electric scooter on his own, Jeff took all that knowledge and in 2011 started producing the FLEX500, the MASTIFF, and later what we believe is the best electric scooter on the market, the RMB MULTI-POINT. You can feel the quality craftsmanship that Jeff puts into his electric scooter designs. He listens to customers and tries to incorporate the latest features and technological innovations. Contact Jeff today about finding an electric scooter that’s right for you.  LEARN MORE

The Electric Scooter for Big Shots!


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Senior from Maryland scoots around his neighborhood on an RMBEV MULTI-POINT Electric Scooter

Perfect for quiet neighborhood transport.

When people see these cute, little, folding electric scooters, the first thing they ask is: “Looks like fun! But will it carry someone big like me?”

Consider this: our customer Gene from Maryland is 400 pounds, 6 feet 5 inches and uses his RMB MULTI-POINT Electric Scooter for transportation all over town. Gene is retired, but remains active with the help of his scooter. He uses it mainly for transportation around his neighborhood.  But when he wants to take it somewhere else, the RMB scooter folds easily into the back of his Honda CRV (see photo). Continue reading

Customer takes RMB electric scooter to Niagra Falls


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collage 3 electric 3-wheel scooter RMBEV RMB MULTI-POINT

Susan has become a pro at zipping around on her RMB electric scooter.

Recently we received this great thank you note and a video from our wonderful customer Susan, who has an interesting story herself (more below). What a nice lady and what a beautiful smile! Published here are a few screenshots from her video. She needed a spare part for her scooter because she wanted to take it on her trip to Niagara Falls with her friends and family. Read her kindly note below, and then we will share a surprise below regarding Susan.

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Made in the shade RMB solar scooter


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electric scooter with solar panel as a canopy

RMB Multi-Point Scooter with Option Solar Canopy

The only thing better than an RMB electric scooter? How about one with a solar canopy to keep you cool and add some juice while you’re out for a ride in the blazing sun. Continue reading

Less is More, Three Wheels Better than Four


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Multi-Point Electric Scooter by RMB Electric Vehicles

Buying an electric scooter is as easy as 1-2-3, especially when it’s a three-wheeled RMB Multi-Point electric scooter.  With the extra power and a variety of accessories and options, it’s really in a class by itself.  But don’t overlook the advantage of being three wheeled.

Let us list some of the reasons why 3 wheels are better than four: better balance, lighter, more maneuverable, easier to maintain, easier to learn — I’ll think of more reasons, but while I’m at it here’s an article from Jalopnik effusing the blessings of three wheels over four. READ MORE

RMB electric scooters take to the green carpet June 10


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Green Carpet Event - Santa Rosa, California June 10, 2015

Two Celebrity “Green Carpet Events” Wednesday June 10th, 2015 in Santa Rosa CA

  • Hollywood/Producer/Director Scott duPont of Award Winning Documentary “What is the Electric Car?” back in Santa Rosa, CA
  • New book release “What is the Electric Car? 79 Reasons to Drive Electric”
  • Free Screening of “What is The Electric Car?” with cast member & co author Ginny Scales-Medeiros
  • See the RMB Multi-Point Electric Scooter in Person

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RMB Maxi Truck EV Makes it Look Easy


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Part Scooter, Part Truck, Part Taxi, RMB Maxi Truck EV Electric Vehicle

RMB Maxi Truck & Rickshaw Configurations

Utility and Mobility

Look it’s a scooter; it’s a truck, it’s both!  Introducing the RMB Maxi Truck, a must-have for any business that moves product around the premises or neighborhoods.

Light and agile, this unit is not only powered by batteries, but can easily be pedaled as well. Whether you feel like exercising or run out of charge, you will never be left stranded in an RMB maxi truck. It’s the original hybrid vehicle, human-electric power! A great alternative for small food vendors, and has an optional rickshaw configuration.

Contact us today to learn more about this innovative work vehicle.  DEALER SALES ONLY!

Electric Work Truck 3-wheeler - RMB Maxi Truck Electric Vehicle EV

Great for warehousing.